Caleb Ewan Wins at Tour De France

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Aussie Professional cyclist Caleb Ewan claimed his 1st TDF win during yesterday’s stage 11 race. Caleb sprinted to victory by the narrowest of margins by way of throwing his bike over the line winning by a tyre’s length over Dylan Groenewegen.

The Lotto Soudal sprinter completed a set of grand tour stage victories in the process. Caleb is Riding the TDF for the first time ever, Ewan timed his effort perfectly to add to his solitary Vuelta a Espana stage win and his 3 x  Giro wins

“I can’t believe it. I’ve been so close in the four last sprint I’ve done. But my team never lost faith in me and I never lost faith in my team,” Ewan, 25, told reporters.

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Rudy Project Pro-Tour Teams Give it all During First Week of the Tour de France

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Rudy Project Australia, exclusive distributors of Italian-made endurance sports gear, are proud to support teams Bahrain-Merida and Lotto-Soudal with award-winning helmets and eyewear through the 2019 Tour de France. Cyclists battled the elements, the road, and each other through the first week of the race that saw grueling speeds and challenging cross-winds. Rudy Project provided the two teams with the Defender n this years Grand Tour, as well as top of the line helmets in exclusive colors for Team Bahrain-Merida. In total, Rudy Project teams brought home a two stage win’s and the climbers Jersey with Tim Wellens.


Going into this years Tour de France, Lotto-Soudal was hungry for stage wins. With the legendary Thomas De Gendt leading the charge, the team led surprise breakaway efforts and fought hard for the wins and no better example of this with his win on the 9th stage.



Tim Wellens – “Had I been told before the Tour de France that I’d be wearing a distinctive jersey at the time of the first rest, I would have signed up for it. It’s a very nice feeling. In the past I struggled when it was very hot, that’s why I went to Dubai to test some equipment, drinks and supplements. It helps me really. I hope to have the legs to go in breakaways in the Pyrenees and score more points.”

Tim Wellens enjoying the limelight with the climbers jersey

Rudy Project extends sponsorship deal with Team Bahrain Merida until 2023

8th July 2019 – Published by Greg Rule

Giro d’Italia 2019 – 102th Edition – 20th stage Feltre – Croce d’Aune – Monte Avena 194 km – 01/06/2019 – Vincenzo Nibali (ITA – Bahrain Merida) – photo Luca Bettini/BettiniPhoto©2019

Rudy Project, designer and manufacturer of world leading technical sports helmets and eyewear, is proud to announce the long-term extension of its commitment to the UCI World Tour Pro Cycling team, Team Bahrain Merida – as its official helmet and eyewear partner.


“We have believed in the Team Bahrain Merida project since the very beginning. Indeed, we were the first partner to commit to the team back in 2016.” Said Cristiano Barbazza, Rudy Project President and CEO. “Rudy Project is proud that Team Bahrain Merida has become one of the key players in the elite World Tour and now we’re greatly enthused that McLaren has joined this long-term project. Rudy Project shares with McLaren a commitment to excellence. Both of our brands have a constant focus in developing products, technologies and innovations that can elevate performance in sports. This partnership opens the way for exciting future collaborations”.

Team Bahrain Merida riders at the Tour the France are wearing the state-of-the-art Rudy Project Defender sunglasses, Spectrum Helmets and the all new disrupting aero helmet named The Wing.

Tour de Suisse 2019 – 83rd Edition – 8th stage Goms – Goms 19,2 km – 22/06/2019 – Rohan Dennis (AUS – Bahrain Merida) – photo Werner Jacobs/BettiniPhoto©2019

John Allert, Managing Director of Pro Cycling at McLaren said, ‘We are delighted that Rudy Project has committed to Team Bahrain Merida for the long-term. Cristiano Barbazza and his talented team have demonstrated that they’re as committed to performance as the rest of our team and partners. Rudy Project combines genuine innovation in product design with a contemporary, cutting edge aesthetic that gives our riders the best available – and helps make them look fantastic. This renewed partnership now provides an opportunity for an exciting technical collaboration.

UAE Tour 2019 – 1st Edition – 1st stage TTT – Al Hudayriat Island – Al Hudayriat Island 16 km – 24/02/2019 – Bahrain Merida – photo Dario Belingheri/BettiniPhoto©2019


What Makes Rudy Project the #1 Aero Road Helmet

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I feel like a fighter Jet pilot when I’m wearing the Boost01 Aero TT Road helmet. It’s easier to feel and be fast when you look fast! The Flip-up visor is badass…I thought it might take some getting used to it as i have always ridden with sunglass , but it didn’t. You feel great, the vision is amazing, feel fast, and it looks intimidating as hell.” – Cairns Ironman competitor Phil Stoneman 2019

Engineered in collaboration with aerodynamic cycling pioneer and guru John Cobb, the Rudy Project Boost 01 helmet claims to reduce drag by as much as 12 per cent over a standard road helmet.

The Rudy Project Boost01 has 7 aerodynamic features, a number of them are borrowing from the Wing57 time trial-specific helmet and, according to Cobb, the Boost10 can reduce your drag by up to 12 per cent over an average bike helmet. Reducing the drag by that much is almost like cheating!

Other aero design aspects of the Rudy Project Boost01 helmet include the side vents that aid in the straightening of the air flow at the rear of the helmet. Called the Vortex Killer System, it aims to redirect airflow – the main cause of friction and instability – beyond the rear of the helmet.

The air is pushed out beyond the neck and shoulders at a different rate and volume compared to the air arriving in the opposite direction.

Apart from Aerodynamic, the Boost 01’s other main concern is to keep your head safe in case of an accident. The Boost01 has a dial turn adjustment system that reaches around the temples and back of skull which really secures the helmet to head. furthermore the dial system can slide down the back of your head to help different shape heads and Rudy Project says that the in-moulded EPS structure, the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton absorb the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the rider.

As an optional extra the rider can rider can choose to purchase the flip-up visor. The visor can be easily flipped up when putting on the helmet and this is always a problem when first

The Boost01 comes with in TWO colours. White or Black. There is also TWO sizes to choose from bring a S/M which is 54cm-58cm and a L which is a 59cm-61cm.

We have two versions of the Boost01 – with or without the flip up visor.

Photochromic ImpactX | The Perfect Lens For All Conditions

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Photochromic lenses or commonly known as “transition lenses automatically change the darkness of the lens according to UV light exposure and in some cases actual “Light”, making them the ideal lenses for everything from competitive CYCLING and general sports to casual wear. The Photochromic pigment responsible for changing lens tint are activated by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation or UV light, allowing them to handle a wide range of environments, even on cloudy days. The darkness of the lens will adjust within a designated range according to the level of light exposure, making every shade possible – from light to dark and everything in between – and it only takes a few seconds for lens to adjust. The lenses are perfect for those early morning training days when at 5am it’s pitch black the lenses will be completely clear!

All lenses that adapt to light use photochromic molecules; the superiority of Rudy Project’s ImpactX photochromic technology lies in their exclusive formula. Most standard photochromic eyewear relies on lens coatings which is a filter that they place on the outside of the lenses, but Rudy Project ImpactX lenses incorporate a more sophisticated technology. The photosensitive material responsible for the hue change of the lens is embedded directly in the lens matrix, making them both more durable and optically superior. If for example you scratch a transition lens from another brand you are actually scratching the transition coating off the surface thus it will NOT change tint.

ImpactX was originally developed for military and aerospace requirements to provide bulletproof, transparent, and lightweight material capable of providing superior protection, reliability, and longer lasting performance than polycarbonate.

ImpactX 2: High Dynamic Range

In addition to faster activation, the innovative photochromic pigments specifically developed for the new ImpactX 2 lenses, incorporates an advanced filter function which scientifically modulates the wavelength of light passing through the lens. By eliminating a portion not perceived by our eyes and optimizing its spectrum, the High Dynamic Range technology provides extraordinary visual performance. While maximizing the chromatic range, perceived benefits include superior perception, sharper image and unparalleled enhanced contrast definition.


Unbreakable Photochromic Optics

ImpactX lenses feature a semi-rigid platform and are guaranteed unbreakable for life. Their molecular semi-rigid properties ensure unique light management and unparalleled eye protection from sun rays and atmospheric elements.


Rudy Project offers ImpactX photochromic lenses in numerous casual and performance eyewear to fit a wide range of needs with technology that helps ensure you always have the perfect lens for the conditions.

Need Help With Sports Prescription

Need Rudy Project Sports Prescription?

If your optometrist is Specsavers, OPSM, ProVision or other selected regional optometrist’s you may experience difficulty obtaining Rudy Project sports prescription eyewear.

In Australia, like many other countries around the world, the optical market is dominated by the Luxottica Group operators of Specsavers, Sunglass Hut and OPSM retailers. This can make obtaining Rudy Project Sports Prescription difficult and in many cases… impossible! These optical retailers never purchase Rudy Project  product to offer on range, preferring to support their own in-house brands and not providing their customers with the opportunity to select Rudy Project. We think this is very sad particularly as we know Rudy Project has the best sports prescription program in the world with multiple frame and lens options to suit all sports performance and fitting needs.

So what does a consumer do when they go to one of these optical chain retailers or country optometrists and enquire about Rudy Project? Generally they will receive a negative response and my be told they are not stocked and not able to offer our brand. Customers will generally accept the advice of the optometrist and will be steered towards another brand which may or may not be the best option to meet their needs.

Don’t despair – we’re here for you ! Now you can manage the process from end-to-end directly with us… complete frame and scripted lens packages are now available from Rudy Project.

Why let someone else make your decision? Rudy Project Australia now makes it easy to order directly.

Simply obtain your current or updated script from your optometrist  – including your PD (pupil distance) measurement. Contact our specialists at Rudy Project Australia head office and we will analyse your script and present the best options in our range to suit your individual needs. As world leaders in sports prescription eyewear we are the experts when it comes to frame fitting, sports specific design and lens range options.

If you would like to talk about Sports Prescription, please give us a call, have a chat and receive FREE expert advice.

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I can see clearly now!

My Rudy Project ImpactRX Prescription Lenses have Arrived!

If like myself you suer from eyesight complications and need to wear corrective lenses – be it contacts or spectacles, then the latest technological developments from Rudy Project could be what you’ve been looking for.

I , like, many others in this country suffer from myopia, or in more common terms, short sightedness. If you’re a sufferer of myopia like me then you have probably been affected from time-to-time by irritating factors that are associated with training and racing in contact lenses. I’ve lost count of the number of triathlons and cycling races where sweat has dripped down into eyes and caused an irritable feeling under my contact lenses, especially when the sweat is mixed with sunscreen or zinc cream. Until recently I was having little luck nding a pair of frames that would be able to accommodate my prescription requirements yet also have a performance look and functionality. However, after a recent conversation I had with professional triathlete Mitch Anderson, who also suers from similar vision problems, he recommended I have a chat with Greg Rule from Rudy Project about their lens technology Rudy Project released for athletes such as myself who require corrective lenses of some description. I gave Greg a call and explained to him I had suffered from myopia and I was sick of wearing contact lenses while training, especially in summer when sweat often combines with a splash of sunscreen, causing a stinging sensation  when it gets underneath the contact lens. Greg recommended that I try the Rudy Project ImpactRX range, as the technology can be combined with photochromic ability too, which means the lenses adapt to light levels and adjusts to the UVlight and also light as it’s a two way activation appropriately. Now, to be honest, I have always had a preconceived image of prescription glasses  for use in sport. Probably due to my love for American sitcoms, I’ve always had an image of sports prescription glasses looking like the Steve Urkel-style sports goggles.


This quickly changed after I paid a visit to one of the Rudy Project specialists at Visionary Eyewear in Perth to check out the frames that could incorporate ImpactRX lenses. In fact, to my surprise, ImpactRX lenses can be incorporated into a lot of the Rudy Project performance range including the Rydon, Sintryx, Agon,and  Tralyx, models. Although it was strongly suggested that i use the RRYDON Model.  Although prescription sun-vision lenses have been around for a few years now, Rudy Project have taken the technology one step further with the ImpactRX lenses, creating a lens that is so advanced it has numerous professional athletes using them all donning the Italian-made technology. Joe and the team at Visionary Eyewear had an answer to all my questions about the ImpactRX lenses. When I asked how the technology benets triathletes, Joe could’ve written a book with all the information he had. “The dierence between the Rudy Project lenses and other brands is the quality,” Joe said. “Triathletes know with Rudy Project their getting the best quality lens on the market. The ImpactRX lenses with photochromic ability enables athletes with a vision\ impairment to train outdoors in any light and the lenses will change accordingly while maintaining perfect vision. So if it’s light outside the lenses will darken, and if it’s dark outside the lenses will become clear, depending on what colour lenses you begin with.” I was impressed by the fact the lenses adapt to changing UV light levels, but what else is good about them? “Not only does the ImpactRX lens adjust to UV light, but it’s blast proof, bullet proof, guaranteed unbreakable for life and it’s 17 per cent lighter in weight than polycarbonate, which is the industry standard,” said Joe. At this point I was starting to get persuaded that the ImpactRX lenses are the real deal. But I wanted to test Joe one more time, so I asked him why they had recently been approved for Australian Standards for use in the workplace. “Well, the ImpactRX range has a Hi Thermal stability, which means they can be used in conditions up to 80 degrees celsius, and they’re resistant to acid and chemical damage. On top of this, the ImpactRX have a low refraction index. All this combined makes them suitable for use in sport and the work place too,” Joe replied. I was impressed, but to experience first-hand if the lenses were as good as Joe and Greg said, I organised to have a pair made up with my prescription. The whole process from eye test to the day the glasses arrive usually takes three to fore  weeks, as the orders are processed and made in Italy. If you have a current prescription, you can simply give that to your local Rudy Project eyewear specialist. However, if it’s been a while since your last eye test, take it from me, have an eye test. There’s nothing worse than having a pair of glasses made up, only to realise your eyes have deteriorated further after you’ve paid for the glasses – happened to me earlier this year; an expensive mistake! When the Rudy Project Rydon frames with ImpactRX lenses arrived, the first thing that blew me away when I tried them on was the clarity of vision. No matter what the conditions, the lenses adapted to the light, while maintaining a seriously sharp image. The speed of transition was also a pleasant surprise. I had seen transition lenses in spectacles before, and commonly the change from outdoors to indoors was quite slow. However, the ImpactRX photochromic lenses were very quick to adapt to changing levels of UV light. I was really happy with how well the photochromic lenses adjusted to the light when I rode to work wearing the Rudy Projects. As I have to leave quite early, in Melbourne it’s still very dark; however, the sun does rise fast, so by the time I get to work, it’s often very sunny (when the sun does come out).  So to not have to swap over lenses during the ride is a huge advantage, and not having to wear uncomfortable contact lenses made the ride a lot more enjoyable. However, for all of the amazing features of the ImpactRX lenses, they don’t come cheap. Depending on the frames you choose and which of the four ImpactRX photochromic lenses (clear, grey, red or golf) you decide to go for, the total cost on average is up around the $1000 mark. But if you weigh up the amount of money you will save in contact lenses over the years by training and racing with the ImpactRX lenses, the price for this quality piece of technology isn’t so bad. Let’s face it too, riding and running in spectacles is not comfortable, and if you’re on a long run or ride wearing contact lenses it can get quite irritating. So, for paying that little bit extra, you’ll reap the benefits for years to come. After using the product I can say without a quiver of doubt you won’t regret the investment.

For further information contact Rudy Project Australia on 02 9565 4494 or email along with your updated script.



Cycling Sunglasses has come a long way, in fact the writer of the story raced in Switzerland in the late 80’s without cycling sunglasses and now I’m wondering how in fact I managed it! During those years, myself along with a bunch of other Aussie’s trying to become pro’s we trained in the fields and omg, the amount of bugs was in insane. After riding we all would be pulling bugs from our eyes, but we knew nothing about cycling sunglasses as they generally where not around in the late 80’s.

After many years of cycling I can tell you that I cannot go out the door now without putting sunglasses on. I actually feel lost without them. We generally don’t think of the advantages of using cycling sunglasses and there are many benefit’s to using them.


There is an issue with bugs and in most cases you cannot blink fast enough to stop the bugs entering your eyes so it’s essential for riding to protect your eyes from bugs. Whilst bugs are not big, they can hurt at speeds BUT if a rock flies off the road and hits your eyes you are in a lot of trouble. Cycling sunglasses to the rescue on this point! When choosing a cycling sunglass, make sure that the lenses are strong and generally speaking the cheaper the brand the more likelihood that they are using a cheaper lens material that may not protect your eyes against flying rocks hitting your lens. In case your wondering what I use, its mostly Impactx Photochromic Black lenses and the reason for this is that Impactx lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life. They are blast proof, bullet proof and acid resistant so anything hitting the lens I know 100% my eyes are protected.


If you’re like me and love descending at speeds, ever found the wind being so strong that your eyes start to water? This is where total eye coverage comes into play. Make sure when purchasing sunglasses that you’re getting a good coverage and if possible adjust the nose pads, so the lens position is closer to your face BUT not touching the cheek or eyebrows. You need to allow some air to circulate to prevent fogging.


With so many tints available, where would one start. The truth of the matter is that there is not one lens tint that is going to be good for all conditions. Some lenses such as Rudy Project Photochromic lenses will give the rider a great range over many conditions. But for example, if your only riding at night or doing 24 hour MTB races then a TRANSPARENT lens will work much better than a photochromic lens at it’s lightest. Likewise, if your in extreme sun conditions riding during the heat of the day then a polarized lens will work much better than a photochromic lens at its darkest. This all said and done, at Rudy Project we sell 80% PHOTOCHROMIC LENSESand the reason is that many cyclist including myself find it easier to have one lens for all conditions rather than carrying many lenses in my back pocket. Here are some examples of lenses

  • Photochromic lenses have a range from 75% at its clearest to 10% at its darkest

  • Polarized are a solid tint lens that don’t change colour and stay at approx. 12% and take the reflection away from the road surfaces.

  • Solid Tint lenses with reflective coatings on the outside


Every wondered what all these percentage figures are in SPORTS SUNGLASS LENSES– 10%, 50% or 90%?

It’s pretty simple – the bigger the number, the lighter the lens tint. When I’m explaining to cyclist in person I start by saying this – 100% means you have nothing on your face. 0% means you cannot see out of the lens at all, sort of like welding sunglasses.

Photochromic lenses are given as a “range” meaning that it changes colour from a clearer state to a darker state. For example, our IMPACTX PHOTOCHROMIC BLACKrange from 75% at its clearest to 9% at it’s darkest


Photochromic lenses are sunglass lenses that are clear indoors or very early mornings and darken automatically when exposed to UV sunlight. Other terms sometimes used for photochromic lenses include “light-adaptive lenses” and “variable tint lenses” or Transitionlenses.

There are generally two forms of Photochromic lenses. Some activate via UV light only meaning the lens has to be exposed to DIRECT LIGHT to change colour. Rudy Project Impactx Photochromic lenses change colour via a 2 way activation via direct light and actual light. What this means is that the lens is a lot more sensitive and changes colours whilst in the shade which makes it perform a lot better and faster.


Both are the same, but the actual technical word is PHOTOCHROMICfor lenses that change colour when exposed to Light. TRANSITIONis the same thing except “Transition” is the name of a company that prompt their transition lenses.


Fogging normally occurs when cyclist stop at traffic lights. The heat from your cycling cloths rises and gets between your sunglass lens and face. If there is nowhere for the hot air to go and no air circulating, then your Sunglasses will fog up. You’ll find once you get going the fog will disappear but sometimes the damage is done, and condensation is on the inside of the lenses which can take time to disappear and painful.

There is no such thing as fog proof sports sunglasses, but you can prevent it a number of ways.

When stopping at traffic lights, pull your sunglass down the bridge of your nose and because you have created a big spare between the inside of your sunglass and your face, the hot humid heat rising will not fog the inside of your sunglass. As soon as you get moving, push your sunglass back to the normal position.

Make sure you keep your sunglasses clean. If you have dirty sunglasses this can promote fogging.

Adjust your nose pads to create a better gap between your face and the inside of the sunglass lens. By creating this gap, you will promote air circulation and thus help stop fogging. Most Rudy Project sunglasses have ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS and it’s super easy to hold them and adjust them.


Having adjustable Sports Sunglasses is important in creating the perfect fit as no one’s face is the same. For example, Asian’s have no nose bridge and most sunglasses and not designed for this especially Sports Sunglasses.

Rudy Project Sports Sunglasses have two forms of adjustability

1/ Adjustable nose pads – just pinch with your fingers to make the sunglasses move out or in, up or down. Its super easy. If you have an Asian face with no nose bridge you can easily twist the nose pads to fit you.

2/ Adjustable temple ends – 90% of Rudy Project Sport Sunglasses have adjustable temple ends that can bent up and down. What is important here is being about to adjust the temple end to fit perfectly whilst you have your helmet on. If you have ever had the issue of headaches at the back of your heads, it’s mostly caused by the sunglass temple end not adjusted. In fact, most brands in the world do not have adjustable temple ends. Models in Rudy Project range with adjustable temple ends are Rydon, Agon, Tralyx, Sintryx.

Greg Rule

Rudy Project



Have you got scratched lenses?

If you’re a sunglass owner like the many millions in the world then I guarantee you this 100%
that you have experienced one of these two problems.

  • I lost my sunglasses
  • I scratched my lenses

So the number one complaint in the world is “I lost my sunglass” ie – I left them on the roof of my car, I left them at the café, they fell off my head and I didn’t notice them falling off. We have heard them all before and nothing can be done about it.

The second biggest complaint is “I scratched my lenses” and this happens a lot more then you think. When it comes to sports and the beating that sports sunglasses take then it’s bound to happen. What do you do when you have an expensive frame/lens costing over $200 for example and you have a massive scratch right in your line of sight?

The solution if you have Rudy Project Sports Sunglasses is to use the “Replacement Lens Guarantee” or RLG. It covers scratched lenses of models that have INTERCHANGEABLE  lenses and the model must be in the current years catalogue to ensure we are able to supply the lens.

It’s simple, return your scratch lenses to us and for a shipping and handling fee between $34.90 and $59.90 we will replace your scratched lenses.

It’s another reason why you should be purchasing Rudy Project Sports Sunglasses!

We suggest you jump onto the link below and follow all the instructions and we will have you up and running with new lenses in no time

Rudy Skermo Ski Google

Skermo Ski Goggle

Shaped by the winds of the Italian Dolomites and refined by athletes, the Skermo is Rudy Project’s latest and greatest goggle iteration. Building from the success of the Klonyx and the goggle tradition that made Rudy Project’s name in motorsports, the Skermo’s rimless frame and cylindrical lens lends the wearer an ultralight fit with maximum peripheral vision. Complete with a full line of RP Optics Multilaser lenses as options, the Skermo is bound to be your new slope favorite.