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Rudy Project Prescription



I've been involved in the cycling media game for over 25 years. During that time I have seen thousands of products come (and many go) and have been asked to review many. My recent experience with obtaining a pair of Rudy Project prescription-ready Rydon sunglasses has been a fantastic one. I still remember the original release of this product and the very fact that it is still as relevant today as it was almost 20 years ago explains the genius of the Rydon. Greg Rule of Rudy Project Australia has long encouraged me to use the prescription option for my cycling glasses and, after years of discussion, we finally got to do this recently. I am please to say that I documented the experience and will soon publish a video review stating that the Rydon is one of my all-time favourite cycling products. It is difficult to paraphrase the good to say – and unnecessary to even attempt to find anything bad... as this is a true classic product. It has changed by cycling forever, and for the better.

Rob Arnold

Best Prescription Lens Of All Time Rydon RX

After years of not making the decision to get myself a pair of Rudy Rydon RX sports prescription glasses, I finely made the call to do so a few months ago. I have had all the major brands previously but after going through a period of losing my glasses, defaulted to a cheap pair. Got to say these glasses but most importantly the lens are remarkable. They don’t simply compromise in strong or low light they excel in either. The one pair of sports glasses have become the only pair I need ... day or night ... outside on the bike or inside at a meeting ... the transformation is immediate and the vision perfect and as for the frame and how it sits, most of the time I forget they are on my face they are that comfortable. The service is top shelf and the product the same. Won’t ever go anywhere else again but Rudy ! Kent

Kent Williams