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Great Product, Fantastic Service

Just a note of thanks to Greg and Rudy Project Australia for their fantastic advice and service while purchasing my new aero triathlon helmet. As I was a bit nervous buying a helmet online and had many questions prior to purchase, however Greg was really supportive throughout the process. After hitting the purchase button (Boost-01 Aero Road Cycle Bike Helmet with Flip-up Visor), I received my order details and delivery tracking information the following day. The helmet and accessories arrived a few days after my purchase and I am extremely happy with the fit and quality of the product. I have no hesitation in recommending Rudy Project Australia's products and Greg's outstanding advice and service. John Mouland Sydney, Australia

John Mouland (Sydney, Australia) , Jul 30, 2019
Awesome Service & Quality Products

Ordered my new TT helmet, and within less than a week it arrived, in time for my time trial. Super happy with the quality of the helmet. And it's super fast. Thanks Rudy Project!

JP Jacobs (Adelaide, South Australia) , Jul 8, 2019
Only The Best

Once youve had the pleasure of dealing with Greg and the Rudy Project team, you will understand what service is actually meant to be. An absolute pleasure. Friendly, fast and efficient service. Look no further. This is the place to be. Thanks Greg. You are a true gentleman.

Barry Abkin (NSW) , Jul 8, 2019
That little bit extra always makes the difference

I ordered some new Defender glasses and my order was despatched within one hour to my home in Melbourne. That was a great start. As a Rudy Project glasses owner, I wrongly thought my existing prescription clip would be OK. So when I ordered a Defender compatible clip the next day the Rudy Project team sent it by express, at no additional cost, so the glasses and clip would arrive together. That's what I call exemplary personal service. Many thanks to Greg and the team.

Colin Willis (Doha, Qatar) , Jul 6, 2019
Lightening fast service

I really appreciate how fast the delivery service is. I placed an order and I believe in the next half an hour it was out for delivery and I got the Tracking number too. I have never seen the delivery this fast else where online. What a Gem! of an experience shopping with you. Look forward to placing a new order soon.

Muhammad Burney (Ryde, Sydney) , Jun 25, 2019
Fantastic Service!

Contacted Customer Service to ask when a sold-out product (sunglasses) would become available - the Team replied immediately and also provided a great alternative that would enable instant delivery. I opted for the alternative and the Team assisted with payment options - extremely impressed and appreciative of the fantastic service provided!

Mark Perot (Melbourne, Australia) , Jun 24, 2019
Smooth transaction

Great product, great service and great price, thanks team at Rudy Project

Hany (Sydney, Australia) , Jun 24, 2019
Unbelievable service

I needed a quick turnaround on my order for an upcoming competition. The team had my order dispatched express and even called to make sure I had the tracking details on hand. Excellent customer service and follow up and looking forward to dealing with them again.

Chris (Melbourne) , Jun 23, 2019
Great Service , Great Product

Have had a pair of Rydon cycling glasses for a long time now. Have recently converted to Tralyx XL Impact 2 with Photochromatic Lenses. Absolutely would reccomend these glasses for cyclists they feel like they are not even there. Wind protection for eyes is fantastic and the lenes are super great in the early morning and also in sunny conditions. Greg was very helpful with explaining the benefits -really knows his product and hepls he is a cyclist.

Dave Beresford (Perth , WA) , Jun 22, 2019
Great Product, Great Service

I had a need to replace my cycling helmet after an accident (helmet saved me from a potentially nasty head injury). The service from Greg and the Rudy Project team was exceptional. Their cycling helmets get a big thumbs up from me. ** Best news ever hearing this, thank you Rob"

Rob M (Adelaide SA) , Jun 21, 2019
Great Glasses and Service.

I have been putting off upgrading by cycling glasses as I'm in between needing prescription glasses and not. Bought the Rydon frames with reading option, not are they good. I wasn't sure about something but Greg responded quickly and was lots of help. Definitely would recommend Rudy Project glasses.

Damian (Australia) , Jun 19, 2019
Rydon - The only sunnies you'll ever need

I have been using Rydon sunnies since 2005 when I bought polarised photochromic lenses for sailing. The best sailing lenses I have used. Then I got some photochromic lenses for cycling early morning and dull days which were outstanding. Then I started getting some various coloured multilaser lenses for social events and also for cycling to match some of my cycle kits for fun. Last year I climbed the Matterhorn and the Hi Altitude lenses were remarkable. Finally now I am becoming long sighted the Sports Reader lenses are really useful for seeing the iPhone and reading the menu when I am cycling. The Rydon one frame and so many options. The only sunnies you will ever need!

Martin Cross (Newport Australia) , Jun 18, 2019
Excellent Service/Excellent Product

I have owned a Maya frame for six years wearing them with progressive lenses and mainly using them for MTB riding. I noticed some wear and tear on the frame and decided to look for a replacement frame. Having only bought stronger RX lenses 12 months ago from my optometrist, I thought I would see if I could purchase a frame online. I searched and found the Rudy Project Australian website. The website is well designed with loads of information. Initially I wasn't sure what model frames I owned given I bought them a while ago. Phoned Greg, the Australian 'El Presidente' of Rudy Project, for advice. Greg was very helpful in assisting me in purchasing a replacement Maya frame at a very good price. Greg's service was efficient and friendly with my new frames dispatched the same day I ordered and paid for them. If you are looking for a Rudy Project product, I highly recommend looking at purchasing one through this website.

Ian R Smith (Sunshine Coast Queensland) , Jun 18, 2019
Like a Good Wine

I have been wearing Rudy since approx 1995 (too old to remember) and like good wine, they just get better with age. During this time I have needed to move to corrective lenses and the comfort, clarity, reliability, and elegance (this is important) has just got better and better. The many styles we have to choose from means I can use Rudy while running and riding, on the snow and water, in the board room and while just cruising the streets. I am a glasses collector but I do have my favorites and the Rydon with Photochromatic lenses can take me anywhere, even to the heights of Everest back in 2004. Thanx Rudy and thanks to Greg and the Rudy team from Down Under in Australia for looking after these old eyes for so long.

Mark (Emo) Emerton (South Coast NSW Australia) , Jun 18, 2019
Excellent Service

I am very happy with the level of service and support I got from this company. There standard was consistently high and my shopping experience was a pleasure. Greg really looked after me. Thanks again.

Anthony Balayance (Adelaide) , Jun 18, 2019
Rupert Guinness

For too long, I had left eye wear way down on my priorities. I never found sunglasses that suited me for feel or shape. But I am also long sighted, and increasingly found it a worry, especially when cycling in a group. That is, until a got myself a pair of Rudy Project Rydon Prescription sunglasses with progressive vision too ... Now I feel so much more comfortable whether riding in day or night, and in turn I feel much less fatigued (did not realise how much squinting and trying to see through blurred vision takes it out of you). I realised, albeit later in life at age 57, that having the correct eyeglass apparel is as important for safety as having a helmet in cycling. Once I asked Greg Rule about his, he was quick on to my situation with advice and service. Before I knew it, my new set of Rudy Project Rydon sunglasses had arrived and a new and safer road of cycling opportunity was there for me to start riding on. Best choice in cycling kit ever! Thanks!

Rupert Guinness (Edgecliff) , Jun 17, 2019
Great product, great service

Great glasses, fantastic for windsurfing. Advice and help from Greg outstanding Thanks Greg!

Robert (North Bondi) , Jun 17, 2019
Exceptional service

Having owned a pair of Rudy Project Exception for many years, I thought I would be out of luck fixing the broken frame as I had assumed the product would have gone end of life. Surprisingly I was offered spare parts for a very reasonable price, I'm really pleased.

Simon Yuan (Auckland, New Zealand) , Jun 17, 2019
Best Prescription Lens Of All Time Rydon RX

After years of not making the decision to get myself a pair of Rudy Rydon RX sports prescription glasses, I finely made the call to do so a few months ago. I have had all the major brands previously but after going through a period of losing my glasses, defaulted to a cheap pair. Got to say these glasses but most importantly the lens are remarkable. They don’t simply compromise in strong or low light they excel in either. The one pair of sports glasses have become the only pair I need ... day or night ... outside on the bike or inside at a meeting ... the transformation is immediate and the vision perfect and as for the frame and how it sits, most of the time I forget they are on my face they are that comfortable. The service is top shelf and the product the same. Won’t ever go anywhere else again but Rudy ! Kent

Kent Williams (Westleigh NSW) , Jun 17, 2019
One of the best cycling products of all time

I've been involved in the cycling media game for over 25 years. During that time I have seen thousands of products come (and many go) and have been asked to review many. My recent experience with obtaining a pair of Rudy Project prescription-ready Rydon sunglasses has been a fantastic one. I still remember the original release of this product and the very fact that it is still as relevant today as it was almost 20 years ago explains the genius of the Rydon. Greg Rule of Rudy Project Australia has long encouraged me to use the prescription option for my cycling glasses and, after years of discussion, we finally got to do this recently. I am please to say that I documented the experience and will soon publish a video review stating that the Rydon is one of my all-time favourite cycling products. It is difficult to paraphrase the good to say – and unnecessary to even attempt to find anything bad... as this is a true classic product. It has changed by cycling forever, and for the better.

Rob Arnold (Sydney, Australia) , Jun 17, 2019