Anti Glare Polarized Sunglasses

After years of intensere search, we have updated our Polar3FX technology to take your vision to the next level. We offer comfortable and mirrored colored lenses which are a perfect match for sport and everyday life. The Polar 3FX technology protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and eliminates glare by selectively filtering non harmful wavelengths through the lens. 

Polar3FX lenses are designed to filter glare from car headlights, sun rays and the refracted light on wet or shiny surfaces like water and snow. In addition, the new Polar3FX lenses incorporate the HDR (high dynamic range) filter to boost color experience and provide an extraordinary visual performance.  By tuning specific wavelengths of light and by optimizing the color spectrum, our Polar 3FX HDR lenses are engineered to maximize your safety improving visual vigilance and color recognition while playing sports and during the everyday life. 

To ensure maximum toughness and durability, we have boosted the Polar 3FX lenses with the revolutionary 3FX Coating anti-smudge and anti-aging treatment enabling water slipping on the surface of the lens, making cleaning easy and preventing stains and fingerprints. 

The new Polar3FX HDR will be available in 3 vibrant Multilaser colors: red, orange and green.


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