Sailing Sunglasses

Specifically designed with Sailing in mine. Wind in your hair, sun on your eyes, with Rudy Project RPoptics and impactx lenses we can make life easier to see on the water whilst sailing. Rudy have two types of lenses for Sailors looking for sunglass protection. Our exclusive Impactx range of lenses are Polarized and photochromic combined thus stopping the reflection off the water whilst have a photochromic ability that changes the lens colour from light grey to dark grey when activated by UV light. We also offer a solid Polar 3FX lens that is a solid tint polarized lens for water sports. This dark lens is ideal for sailing and getting that edge over your competitors. We offer a wide range of Sailing glasses from Rydon Sailing Sunglasses, Genetyk Sailing Sunglasses, Zyon Sailing Sunglasses and Noyz Sailing Sunglasses.


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