Boost01 Aero Helmet

Boost01 Aero Helmet

Boost01 combines safety and aerodynamics into a unique and powerful design. Boost 01 features extreme ventilation and reduces aero drag by 12% compared to traditional road helmets. With 10 vents, the Boost 01 features some best helmet ventilation on the market. New internal air channels help to guide and accelerate the air flow out of the rear of the helmet This helmet also comes standard with a removable optical shield that flips up

Rudy Project, has also been taking inspiration from aquatic creatures. This time it’s sharks by way of the dorsal ridge. Rudy says it’s design concept takes advantage of sideways forces that move them into forward propulsion, and in the event of crosswinds it delivers all the advantages of a long-tailed helmet without the relative negative repercussions on the front.

Other aero design aspects of the Rudy Project Boost 01 helmet include the side vents that aid in the straightening of the air flow at the rear of the helmet. Called the Vortex Killer System, it aims to redirect airflow – the main cause of friction and instability – beyond the rear of the helmet.

The air is pushed out beyond the neck and shoulders at a different rate and volume compared to the air arriving in the opposite direction.

Aerodynamic qualities apart, the Boost 01’s other main objective is to keep your head safe in the event of a head impact crash. A dial turn adjustment system that reaches around the temples and back of skull secures helmet to head, and Rudy Project says that the in-moulded EPS structure, the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton absorb the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the rider.

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