Boost01 Helmet gets great review

Boost01 Helmet gets great review

Rudy Project Boost gets a super review from cycling west online website.

The Rudy Project Boost 01 Aero helmet is the first modern aero-style helmet that I’ve ever worn for regular riding around.

Almost thirty years ago, I had Giro aero helmet. In it’s day, it was cutting edge, had a big fin, and of course, faster – laughing out loud. But it would be silly to ride around town with the big fin, though occasionally, someone would and the word ridiculous would come to mind.

Fast forward to present day, yes, I’ve been riding around town and country wearing the Rudy Project Boost 01, with the detachable shield installed. Surprisingly, the shield is not too dark for wearing glasses as well. As important, there is no feeling of claustrophobia. The Boost 01 definitely has a modern look.

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