Photochromic Lens | The Perfect Lens

Photochromic lenses automatically change the darkness of the lens according to light conditions, making them the perfect lens dusk till dawn. The photochromic molecules responsible for changing lens tint are activated by the sun's ultraviolet radiation and also light, allowing them to handle a wide range of environments, even on cloudy days. The darkness of the lens will adjust within a designated range according to the level of light exposure, making every shade possible – from light to dark and everything in between – and it only takes a few seconds for lens to adjust.

All lenses that adapt to light use photochromic molecules; the superiority of Rudy Project’s ImpactX photochromic technology lies in their exclusive formula. Most standard photochromic or transition lens eyewear relies on lens coatings, but Rudy Project ImpactX lenses incorporate a more sophisticated technology. The photosensitive material responsible for the hue change of the lens is embedded directly in the lens matrix, making them both more durable and optically superior.
ImpactX was originally developed for military and aerospace requirements to provide bulletproof, transparent, and lightweight material capable of providing superior protection, reliability, and longer lasting performance than polycarbonate.



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