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Airstorm Bike Helmet

The Rudy Project Airstorm Bike Helmet is for enthusiasts of road cycling helmet, triathlon and mountain biking that are looking for higher-performance. The extremely versatile Airstorm Cycling helmet offers great maximum ventilation, a super comfortable fit and maximum cooling design at an affordable price.

Airstorm weights 260g and this is an extremely low weight for a cycling road helmet which has all these amazing helmet features are ventilation plus aerodynamics and cool comfort. The Rudy Project Airstorm bike helmet, is in fact, the result of a thorough ergonomics test study taken out by Rudy Project Italy's designers. The results being an optimally designed helmet, distributed on the pressure points of the helmet on the head and this ensures a super comfortable fit and preventing the accumulation of sweat and humidity over a period of time.

Heat Dissipation
The Rudy Project Cycling Airstorm helmet really guarantees the highest level of cycling performance and this assists with the amazing quick and effective expulsion of heat that's builds up in the helmet from the inside and this keeps the bicycle helmet keeping your temperature at right and optimum levels. Airstorm Bicycle Helmet has 16 front air vents also effectively draw fresh air into the helmet. The internal design of the crown has been shaped to create grooves which channel the flow of hot air outwards and dissipate the heat.

Bicycle Helmets Product Safety Australia 
The Rudy Project bike helmet meets and exceeds the Australian Standards.

Top Features of the Rudy Project Airstorm 

  • 16 front air vents drawing air in
  • Colours are Black Stealth OR White Matte
  • Australian Standards Approved
  • Internal channel design aiding airflow of hot air out
  • Ergonomically designed to increase comfort
  • RSR8 Retention System, a minimal and ultra-light slip-proof system with three adjustable height positions to ensure maximum stability
  • Micro adjustable while riding
  • Removable visor
  • Removable and washable pads - thin set for hot weather or use with cycling cap and one set with insect net
  • Weight; 260g
  • S/M - 54-58cm
  • L/XL - 59-61cm

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