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The right bike helmet and visor for road cycling are essential for multiple reasons. While safety is the primary purpose of every design, cyclists are also looking to reduce drag and wind resistance and gain performance and competitive advantages.

Rudy Project’s helmets include the Boost01 range which offers the latest in technology to deliver more than a 12 per cent aerodynamic advantage, compared to average road designs.

Boost01 designs are available in a full range of colours and sizes with individual features tailored to the casual enthusiast all the way up to professional athletes.

Minimal pressure on your neck and spine

Those with a love of hitting the road on two wheels and competing at top levels in road racing are going to spend a lot of time on their bike. A subpar sports helmet can lead to pressure being applied to the neck and spine over a long period of time, which can cause health complications and pain.

The Boost01 range offers a 65 cent reduction in neck torque through smart design and moving the centre of pressure, which helps alleviate this strain and keeps you on the road for longer without discomfort.

Time trial options

For the serious cyclist, gain the full performance advantage with the Boost01 time trial sports helmet that is also perfectly suited for triathlons.

These are specifically designed for maximum aerodynamics and have been stringently tested to ensure they deliver the best results.

They are also designed to hold firm on your head as any movement can drastically change the aerodynamics and are made to be extremely safe if you should come off your bike.

A wide range of accessories

Rudy Project stocks visors for full eye protection from wind, sun, rain, dust and debris to enable you to focus on achieving your best times to date. Hit personal bests with a full range of vision so you can be aware of your surroundings and other riders.

There are also bike helmet visors, vents and shields available to help improve vision, airflow and circulation. The removable shields allow you to easily put the design on and will help cut through the fog and improve your comfort levels. These can be open and closed to suit your individual needs and the elements at the time as well.

Browse our full range now to experience the difference the next time you hit the road on your two wheels.

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