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Cutline Prescription RX Clip Optical Sports Sunglasses

Ideal Cutline Prescription is Rudy Project wide lens prescription RX clip sunglasses. Featuring adjustable nose and temple ends to create the perfect fit plus intuitive interchangeable lens system or swap out to other tinted Cutline lenses. The package also includes a prescription RX clip that fits behind the lens. The clip can be easily taken in or out for cleaning or if you want to use it without the clip. Cutline RX clip can take up to -5.50 combined power. The process once you purchased this is to take the whole lot to your local optometrist and they will cut and grove your scripted lens into RX clip. The Cutline design features wide shield lens or some may refer it to wraparound rimless frame design which provides ample eye protection. Power limits range up to -5.50 to +5.50 combined, single vision or progressive vision is available in the clips. PROCESS / WHAT TO DO - Once you receive your Rydon Slim plus the prescription clip, take them to your local optometrist and they will manufacture your scripted lens to fit into the RX clip. OPSM / SPECSAVERS Generally speaking OPSM and Specsavers Optometrist do not process Rudy Project prescription for a number of reasons such as not having a ability to cut and grove these types of clips, they use labs in China and therefore to expensive to ship there and back to Australia and work their own brands. If you are struggling to find some contact us or visit one of our DEALERS.  COST - Standard RX clips only take transparent lenses which makes this a cheaper option. Cost depends on vision, lens material and coatings Single Vision lenses approx $250 - $300 and Progressive Vision lenses approx $550- $600

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