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Rydon Slim Docking Prescription Clips Sunglasses

Rydon Slim sports sunglass with the Direct RX docking clip allows the user to apply their prescription lens directly into the dock but what is unique is that the curve of the Rydon frame has been adjusted by way of the docking clips and this allows the prescription powers to be very high for a sports frame. Limits have been as high as -11 combined power. So if you have a very strong script then this is your option. Rydon with the docking system takes single or progressive vision. PROCESS / WHAT TO DO Once you receive your Rydon plus the docking clip, take them to your local optometrist and they will manufacture your scripted lens to fit into the RX clip. The optometrist will manufacture the lens based on your requirements, for example if you want a photochromic/transition lens within the docking clips just ask for that lens tint. OPSM / SPECSAVERS Generally speaking OPSM and Specsavers Optometrist do not process Rudy Project prescription for a number of reasons such as not having a ability to cut and grove these types of clips, they use labs in China and therefore to expensive to ship there and back to Australia and work their own brands. If you are struggling to find some contact us or visit one of our DEALERS. COST RX Direct clips allow you to select your own lens tint although most purchase a transition type of tint.  Still the cost depends lens tint, vision and coatings. As this is a bigger lens then the standard RX clip you'll find it more expensive to manufacture the scripting lens Single Vision approx $400 - $500 including your lens tint Progressive Vision approx $600- $700 including your lens tint. Prices can vary a lot and essentially if you want to save more you can request a cheaper lens material, no lens coating and a cheaper lens tint. 

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