Sailing Glasses Rudy Project Australia

Rudy Project Australia's Polarized Sailing Sunglasses or general Water Sports Polarized Sunglasses have an amazing anti-glare filter that prevents reflections from water surfaces and road surfaces thus eliminates eye fatigue and squinting.
Rudy Project Australia also offer a range of sailing glasses prescription for those that are struggling to see their charts and distances 

If you have a longer exposure to the sunlight out sailing then the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays can certainly have a damaging effects on your eyesight. The longer your out on there water the higher the dangers. Not only are you out on the deck and being unsheltered  in the sun but the glare off the oceans, not to mention the sailing deck, the sails and other boats, makes the exposure far higher intense.

Greg Rule, Managing Director of eyewear Rudy Project points out that: "Not using your sunglasses on the deck or simply forgetting them ashore or at home, is rather like going out on the water without sunscreen. A number of eye diseases have been linked to extreme sun exposure, Ultra Violet light and the super harsh glare including cataracts, macular degeneration, keratitis (snow blindness) and pterygium, as well as damage to the sensitive skin around the eyes, which includes wrinkles!"

Rudy Project Sailing Polarized sunglasses are extremely well made in Italy to the highest sunglass standards featuring our incredible HDR range of Polarized lenses. Our main sailing sunglasses being the ever popular and proven Rydon Polarized models  to the Tralyx Polarized  both featuring adjustable nose and temple ends to create the perfect fit. The polarised filter of the Rudy Project lenses include anti-glare properties as well as a back surface anti glare coating to further reduce eye stain and creates a crystal clear vision.