Helmet Saving Lives


Rudy Project is a leading name in research and development in fully advanced helmets and sunglasses for complete fall protections. Advanced technology tuned with cutting-edge optics and helmets, the art of making extraordinary sport safety products. We are committed to providing superior safety through integrated hinges and soft, thermoplastic elastomers, which prevent injuries in the event of falls, impact and collisions. Our products are designed and planned for sports, incorporate state-of-the-art technology and ensure a matchless and comfort fit.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the thousands of customers who send us emails, tweets, posts and letters of appreciation for our products and service. It truly is the highest honor we can receive, and it’s what motivates all of us at Rudy Project to do what we love doing - designing and creating the best products in the world.

 Hi. My name is Haim. I live in Israel.

I am veteran cyclist. I practice 4 to 5 times a week. Usualy road bikes. Also mtb bikes. Two weeks ago I had a terrible fall in my mtb practice. I felt on my left side right on the head. This is not the first time I fall but the the first time that I lost full concious. A group of soldiers found me along the path unconcious and ambulance rushed me to the hospital. The senior neurocirurgist said and I quote “the helmet saved your life”. Well... I use lots of Rudy products for years (sunglasses, helmets and so). What can I say, well done Rudy for making such great products which proove themselves when needed. Here is attachment of me after awakening and the helmet (Rush. I also use Windmax). Sunglasess were totaly broken (so no picture for that... a Magster). Will keep on riding after a short break an will keep using rudy products. Thanks,