Rydon Sports Readers

Welcome to Sports Readers. The simple and easy way to get into the first stage of prescription.
Sports Readers are pre-manufactured "bio-focal" lenses which have added powers are the bottom of the lenses to help athletes see their training devices such as HRM, Strava, Garmin computers, Iwatch, iPhones, golf score cards, sailing chats etc. If you just starting to struggle to see then Sports Readers are like a miracle cure and you'll never look back. There is a range of different tyres of lens tints to fit the Rydon Frame including transition or polarized lenses.
In this section you have TWO choices

1/ Order Sports Readers Lenses only
2/ Order Rydon Frames only

If you have a Rydon Frame and just need the lenses only, no problems at all just order the lenses!
Powers are +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50