Prescription Direct In-Frame Lenses

If you have a current Rudy Project Rydon Prescription "direct in frame" and need to update your script, you can contact us directly and we will be able to help you get it updated. What we need from your is you - 

1/ Current up-to-date prescription (if it's not updated then visit your local optometrist and get that done)

2/ Email us your prescription -

3/ We also require your current model frame, if you dont know this also send us a picture of your frame.

4/ Let us know what tint you require

5/ All mobile number and we will call you 

If you require a new Rudy Project prescription then all the info is below 

Our state-of-the-art Direct-In-Frame lens offers high-end performance when cost is not the primary criteria. As they say, ‘you pay for what you get’ and this option delivers unparalleled optical quality when only the best will do!

Offering free-form single vision and progressive lens design ImpactRX Direct is the world’s most advanced digital back-surface lens program combining a revolutionary lens material with the very best 8-base wrap design available.

Tunnel Vision Distortion reduced by up to 25%. Open up your tunnel vision with Direct in frame sports prescription.


Most sports, especially cycling, triathlon, running, skiing, rowing, cricket, tennis and golf which demand absolute
clarity and total comfort would benefit from ImpactX RX Direct In-Frame lenses. 

In addition where precision and optical clarity is expected such as medical professionals, doctors,
surgeons, dentists etc, architects, engineers and designers have provided outstanding feedback on the
benefits of the ImpactX RX Direct In-Frame lens program.


  • State-of-the-art optical technology ‘The Holy Grail’ of sports eyewear
  • Bullet proof, blast proof, shatter proof, acid & chemical resistant

Satisfies the most demanding needs for optical performance and style

  • Fashionable, functional and flexible Fully personalised to compliment your lifestyle demands
  • Reduction of ‘tunnel vision’ distortion by up to 25%, ensuring an increase in the field-of-vision when looking left or right without the disturbance of distortion.

NOTE due to limitations on lens curve confirm your script is compatible


Visit your optometrist to ensure your script is up to date and together select a suitable frame style from a range of RX Direct in Frame compatible models. Please note the precision manufacture process may take three (3) weeks from date of order to delivery.

Rudy Project ImpactX Direct In-Frame eyewear may be subject to health care rebate, dependent cover... Check with you health fund to ensure you are receiving your benefit if applicable.



The Rudy Project ImpactX Direct-In-Frame program delivers class-leading hi-tech prescription solutions for sport eyewear.

With over 18 model platforms to select from, ImactX Direct-In-Frame offers a multitude of styles and shapes to suit any fit or function.

Prescription Direct Docking System can take up to -3 to +2.50 combined power in both - and + scripts and can be fitted for single vision or progressive/multi focal scripts. A comprehensive range of material and lens coating options are available to meet your personal or budget needs.


Photochromic Black lenses

  • Rydon frame with Photochromic Black lenses in single vision approx.$1,029.00
  • Rydon frame with Photochromic Black lenses in progressive vision approx.$1,269.00
  • Optional Diamond coating an extra $160 approx

Photochromic Reds or Brown lenses

  • Rydon frame with Photochromic Red or Brown lenses in single vision approx.$1,175.00
  • Rydon frame with Photochromic Red or Brown lenses in progressive vision approx.$1,335.00
  • Optional Diamond coating an extra $160 approx

Polarized lenses

  • Rydon frame with Polarized lenses in single vision approx.$1,130.00
  • Rydon frame with Polarized lenses in progressive vision approx.$1,335.00
  • Optional Diamond coating an extra $160 approx

Polarized lenses available – an extra $80-$100 approx over the cost of standard photochromic lens.

Standard tints which are NON photochromic are available – take off approx $80-$100 approx depending on the selected tint



Due to high technical complexity of the lens manufacture process - ImpactX Direct In-Frame is manufactured in Italy is only available through selected Rudy Project Optometrists.