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Rudy Project Rydon Carbonium & Prescription Hi-Powered Optical Version 2 Docking

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    Rydon Carbonium frame with the Optical Docking system "Version 2" allow opticians to easily fit higher powered prescription scripts to the high curve of the Rydon Frame. This is achieved by way of "incurving" the frame through the optical docks thus making the curve of the prescription lens a lot lot less. To provide some indication, the Rydon Docking System has gone as high as -8 combined power with some optometrist in Australia. This can even go slightly higher with different lens materials used.

    What Rudy Project supply here is the Rydon frame and Optical Dock - Once you receive your package it would be taken to your Optometrist and they will get a lab in Australia to cut and groove your prescription lens. The purchaser will discuss along with their optometrist what lens tint you want, vision such as single or progressive vision and any lens coating. 

    • Easy to mount and interchangeable 
    • Able to go up to high powers for a sports frame such as -11 combined power
    • Perfect for low to mid and high prescription powers
    • High versatility of interchangeable clear and sun RX lenses in the same frame
    • Base 4 Optical Docking System


    • Take the sunglasses and Optical Docking version 2 lenses to your local optometrist 
    • You can  then discuss what lens tint you require and lens coating
    • The Clip will take single vision or progressive vision


    The cost of getting your script placed into the lens depends on many variation which include

    • Single vs Progressive Vision- progressive vision is general double the price of single vision
    • Lens tint - lenses that do NOT change colour such as a smoke grey are the cheapest as to transparent lenses etc. The cost increases with different types of transition or photochromic lenses as to polarized lenses. 
    • Lens Coating is another application that is applied to protect the lenses of add layers such as "anti-reflective" coatings. All coatings increase the prices
    • Lens materials - there are also different lens materials, cheap, medium or high end.
    • Cost for just scripting your lens can be $300 - $900 depending on the above
    • Rydon Sunglass Frame
    • Docking system Lenses
    • Hard Case
    • Soft carry case