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Rydon Docking Clips for High Powered - Lime

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    The Rydon Optical Dock in Lime colour is a full rim clip that allow any material to be used for prescription lenses, including "stock" lenses. Lateral protection and stability in the event of impact are maintained. The lateral field of vision is slightly more limited compared to other optical solutions, but the range of prescriptions is incredibly broad. Optical Dock is the perfect solution for patients who needs substantial vision correction and want to benefit from the design, technology and comfort of Rydon Slim performance sunglasses

    If you have not purchased a Rydon sunglass you will need to go this.

    Once you get the Rydon Sunglass and the RX Docks, you will then need to take it to your local optometrist or use one of our expert dealers  

    They will ask you questions like - 

    • What lens tint do you want?
    • What vision, single or progressive vision
    • Do you want a lens coating

    They then send the whole lot to the optical lab to manufacture your lens.

    There are so many different options that it's impossible to pin point an actual price. It depends on vision, lens tint, coating, lens material. 

    To provide a rough base look at 

    • Single Vision  $150 - $400
    • Progressive Vision - $250 - $650

    Depending on the labs and the lens material used, we have seen some optometrist go up to -11 combined power so generally it's very big powers

    Free shipping over $100