Sports Readers Lens & Frames Complete

Rydon Sports Readers are a simple and early stage of lenses with added powers to enable athletes see their training devices such as smart phones, Iwatch, Garmin etc. Sports Readers have 3 powers to choose from being  +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50. What we love about the Rydon and Sports Readers is that as this is an early stage to help athletes see, you are absolutely not stuck with this one option. There will come a time where you will outgrow sports readers and you can easily upgrade to full blown prescription as you will have the RYDON frame still.

There are so many applications for Rydon Sports Readers - Cycling so you can see your computers. Running to see your watch. Sailing you can see charts and maps. At the cafe you can now read the menu! 

As the Rydon Sports Reader lenses are interchangeable, you can easily pop out the lenses and go from Golf lenses to polarized lenses for driving or sailing/water sports. ONE frame can do all this. 

You have 3 stages within this section

1/ Select your frame colour
2/ Select your lens tint
3/ Select your power

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