Sunglass Sizes

Rudy Project Size Guide 

How do I find the frame size of my Rudy Project Sunglasses?

This guide explains how to choose the right sunglasses size, either by the size of the lens or by looking at your current shades.

This guide is effective for Rudy Project Rydon, Agon, Fotonyk.

NOTE: For the great majority of consumers, 90% of our customers – Standard Size such as the Rydon offers the correct fit and therefore it would be more then likely the correct fit for you.

If this is your first pair of Rudy Project, the following rule of thumb will help you determine the correct size for you.

What do the numbers mean such as DBL?

Rudy Project sunglasses are measured to international standards. There is generally 3 numbers given with each sunglass model BUT Rudy Project provide a 4th being the height of the lens (for example H38) All numbers are showing millimetres.

1. The lens width

Also called the lens diameter, is the distance between the vertical limits of the lens. For the Rydon this would be 68mm as shown.

2. The bridge width

This represents the distance between both ends of the nose pads. For the Rydon this would be 17mm

3. The temple length

Also called the arm, represents the distance from the main frame in addition to the curved tip length that sits behind your ear and in the case of the Rydon would be 138mm

4. The lens height

This is generally not advertised by international standards but Rudy Project show this. In the case of the Rydon it will be 38mm

What if I have a small / narrow face?

Rudy Project do offer 2 options for small / narrow faces 

  • Rydon - which generally fits Small - Medium faces 
  • Tralyx Slim - This a cut down version of the standard Tralyx model whereby we take 3mm out of the centre of the sunglass frame.