The Rudy Project Guarantee

30-day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee (if you're not happy, return it!) Ordering on the Internet or through a catalog could be risky, but not with e-Rudy's money back guarantee. If you are not totally stoked on your Rudy Project shades or accessories, just return them for a full refund (less shipping & handling). No hassles, no questions. 

With Erudy it is risk free. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Secure Internet Shopping 
 We use the latest technology to protect your privacy and order information. All of your order information will be encrypted for total protection and we NEVER rent or sell your information to any other company or affiliate.

Replacement Lens Guarantee
 "You Scratch 'Em, Rudy Project will Replace 'Em". Rudy Project lenses are awesome, but when you're playing hard, stuff happens. No worries. Rudy Project stands behind their RP Optics™ lenses with the "Best Lens Warranty in the Sunglass Business™". Whatever the reason, you can replace your scratched or damaged lenses direct from Rudy Project for a small handling fee. Guaranteed satisfaction. Read more about the Replacement Lens Guarantee on the As from August 2011 - Rudy Project will only action RLG products purchased from within Australia. If you have scratched your lenses and have purchased them from an OS web site then you can purchase a lens from one of our dealers or this web site. In most cases these OS web site do not have a RLG policy. Rudy Project Italy are also aware of unarhorised dealers selling Rudy Project in Australia. If the name of the retailer on online seller DOES NOT appear on our "dealer locator" then rudy Project Italy / HQ will not warrant, inspect or action any under the RLG programme. 

2 Year Limited Frame Warranty!
 Rudy Project sunglasses, and ski goggles are warranted by Rudy Project Australia for two (2) years from date of purchase against defects in materials and/or workmanship. We only warrant and service sunglasses purchased in Australia and listed on this web site. We do NOT look at, open, inspect, service or warrant any Rudy Project's Purchased from OS web site. 

All returns must be sent to: 

 Rudy Project Australia
Unit GP1A / 52 Pyrmont Bridge Road

Camperdown, NSW 2050
 Please include an explanation of what's wrong with your glasses and your return shipping and contact information in the box. Please be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address so that we may contact you if need be.  As from August 2011, all products returned must be accompanied by a purchase reciept from within Australia. If you do not have one or lost it you'll need to contact your place or purchase. 

 We Want To hear From You!
 If you have questions regarding any of the items above or just want to let us know how we're doing, please email us at Rudy Project - at