Buyers Beware

Australian Standards 1067   

Rudy Project Australis/New Zealand works within the law in selling Rudy Project Eyewear in Australia that comply with Australian Standards for fashion lenses 1067. Only Rudy Project Australia offer this standard and the licence issued to them.

UK web sites such as Wiggle, international web sites Vision Direct, Smartbuy sunglasses web sites Cycling Express and Bike Bug do not comply with Australian Standards. Be warned of inferior products that they sell and the risk associated with not complying to these standards including damage to your eyes.

It is the duty of Rudy Project International to inform all customers of this none compliance. Rudy Project International will not warrant, inspect or repair any Rudy Project eyewear that has been purchased through the above mentioned web sites.

Rudy Project Australia will not supply spare parts or repair any Rudy Project Eyewear that has been purchased through the above web sites. Buyer beware of these risks. 

If you recieve a package with missing product labelling on the box or bar codes then return the product back to your place of purchase. Rudy Project International / Australia will not warranty any products with missing labelling which is in accordance with ISO9000 certification in this manner. Furthermore, there has been counterfit Rudy Project Eyewear cirulating and have been delivered in the same fashion as missing bar codes, product labelling.  

Rudy Project Australia warranty

Rudy Project Australia will not warrant or inspect Sunglasses, lenses, clips if you have purchased from Bike Bug, Cycling Express, Wiggle, Chain Reaction or any other overseas web sites. 

Rudy Project Replacement Lens Guarantee

When you purchase from Rudy Project online or through one of our dealers including our approved online partner "Pushy Online" you can action the Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG). We know scratched lenses is one of the biggest complaints with sunglasses and with this offer you can replace your scratched lenses for a small shipping and handling fee between $34.90 and $59.90. 

Rudy Project will NOT honour Replacement lens guarantee lenses sent to us if purchased from over seas web sites or Bike Bug.  

BUYER BEWARE Fitting Prescription lenses to Rudy Project Frames purchased from Overseas Web sites – Don’t be fooled – if it’s too good to be true – it probably is 
Purchase of Rudy Project eyewear frames off internationally based retailer websites is a great way to throw away money. Local Australian optometrists cannot guarantee fit and finish on the insertion of NON-Rudy Project lenses into your Rudy frames. ONLY Rudy Project can guarantee perfect integration of lens and frame, ensuring outstanding fit, comfort, quality, and valid manufacturer’s warranty.
There is NO laboratory in Australia with the technology to cut Rudy Project Rydon (or similar semi-rimless Rudy frame styles) lenses. Post purchase lens insertion in Australia is simply NOT POSSIBLE. (You will be stuck with useless frames - It’s a big problem you can’t wiggle out of)

All frame warranty is NOT covered when purchasing from these Overseas Web sites
DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT. See clearly from the beginning, get it right from the start. Only purchase Rudy Project frames from genuine, and authorised Rudy Project retailers. We love our customers and look after them… don’t you deserve that?

Do not buy from “Vision Direct, Smartbuyglasses OR Omioptics 

Customer service is our highest priority.  It has come to our attention and we have verified from our own experience that these two companies say they have Rudy’s for sale at a discount but they don’t. They will happily except your money via credit card upon you placing your order then will try and search for these products. In most cases they don't deliver and a simple extract from one of their Facebook accounts states the following - 

WHERE ARE MY GLASSES??? Have been waiting over a month you have said you are sorry about delays, but do you actually intend to deliver? or is this the reason you are so hard to contact?!I cant believe i have to come to facebook to send you a message!Tell me what I want to here or give me my money back.

OR THIS from visiondirect when it comes to shipping times - 

Time to Dispatch5-7-Week Delivery Time

From our experience we ordered one sunglass and 5 weeks later we had still not received it plus they tried to palm us off to another brand. They are not being supplied by Rudy Project International or by any Rudy Project Distributor throughout the world. For warranty issues Rudy Project Australia will not action any warranties that have been purchased through these web sites.  So in the spirit of offering you the best service we want to advise you to visit one of our dealers that are listed or purchase within erudy for 100% satisfaction and delivery within 5-7 working days and in most cases 2-3 working days.

If you have any questions please contact us at Rudy Project and we’ll be happy to help you in anyway possible.


Rudy Project Australia