Sunglasses for Men and Women | Rudy Project Australia

Just like your blue jeans and cool sneakers, sunglasses are of courser one of those products that just about everybody has owned. It's really not hard to the reason's why, given that a cool pair of shades is a must when shielding your eyes from harmful Ultra-Violet light or rays. But putting this very important task aside, your sunglasses are also a fantastic way to express your style in the street, on the beach or driving your car.

When you consider buying sunglasses, it's very important not to go cheap. The safety of your eyes when considering UV light is really worth spending the extra money on a good pair which they should provide the compulsory UV400 standards approval for Australia and many other countries that adopt the same standards and won't break within a year. The other obvious consideration is their style. You want to choose something that looks cool / good and suits your personal and shape of your face.

Doesn't matter if you're a fan of the classic aviators, or if you're just looking for a great  pair of sport shades that are also suitable for casual wear, we have at Rudy Project a collection of casuals or lifestyle sunglasses that will meet your requirements. The Spinhawk is one of Rudy's all time classic shapes that fits most faces and includes "d-centred"  lenses to create better optics. Plus we offer a polarized lens option which cuts out glare from surfaces.

All of our Rudy Project casual lifestyle sunglasses are built to very high standards and all made in Italy with quality materials so you know you're getting something that's made to last and offers great UV protection.