Running Sunglasses | Rudy Project Australia


If you are running in sunglasses and are having problems with with vision, sweat, airflow and adjustability then look no further than Rudy Project Australia Running sunglass collection. Running and Sunglasses are at our forefront with Rudy's adjustability of the nose pads and the temple ends which will create the perfect fit. Our world beating running sunglasses starts with the RYDON and also the RYDON SLIM for narrow faces

We have listed within this page our best running sunglasses and these are also running sunglasses for men and running sunglasses for women. The smaller sunglasses for women with narrow faces are generally the "SLIM" models which are approx 4mm narrower across the front bridge. Checkout some the reviews on our running sunglasses  We also have our new 2020 model the PROPULSE with a slightly bigger lens over the Rydon. If your looking for a one piece lens design then check out the Tralyx Running Sunglass