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Rudy Project offers a selection of Shooting Glasses and Tactical Glasses developed, engineered and carefully designed to meet the exacting needs of a sport where precision and accuracy are essential. We have carefully selected from our range of sports eyewear and lenses a collection of combining superior lens quality with exceptional comfort and fit. Renown in the shooting fraternity as partners of world and Olympic champions, Rudy Project is also the eyewear of choice across military, defence and security forces around the world including the Israeli Armed Forces, Indonesia Amed Forces and the Australian Military, NSW & ACT Police and Australian Federal Police Officers. In fact Rudy Project supply our Tactical Glasses to the Victorian Special Sole Motorbike Units. 

Our range of shooting and tactical eyewear offers technically advanced optical superiority providing outstanding clarity to combat surface reflection which may impact on accuracy and performance. Our lightweight chassis construction has been paired with unparalleled flexi-fit to ensure true custom fitting through fully adjustable nosepiece and temple arms (arms can be folded to follow ear back contour to enhance kick-back stability) – even when wearing earmuffs, helmets, caps or headwear. Other leading brands with thick arm design can cause headache and discomfort over longer competition or activity periods. WHAT IS Z87+ All Rudy Project STEALTH (ballistic) eyewear on this page are ANSI Z87.1+ Certified. The "+" at the end of Z87.1 coding indicates Rudy Project have exceeded the required certification testing as set out by the American National Standards basic requirements. This testing includes basic requirements for personal eye and face protective devices to assist in the minimisation and prevention of injuries from impact, non-ionizing radiation and chemical agents in occupational , educational and military environments. This standard sets criteria related to the description, general requirements, testing, marking, selection, care and use of these protectors. Other leading brands lenses only meet Z87 standards. The (Z87.1+) standard Rudy Project applies is attained with stricter and increased severe impact tests including: Penetration (1.56 oz - 44.2 gm / 50 in-127cm) High Mass Impact (17.06oz - 500 gr / 50 in-127cm). High Velocity Impact Resistance (150 ft/s - 46m/s). Rudy Project also offers a wide range of prescription shooting and tactical eyewear for those with corrective eyesight needs. Visit Our Rudy Project sports shooting eyewear delivers: - perfect fit - optimal ventilation - superior visual clarity - lightweight structure - comprehensive protection - 2-Year frame warranty - Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG) - Hard & Soft Case With Each Sunglass

These are critical points when considering Shooting Glasses - 

  • Check the weight of the sunglass. Our RYDON Sunglass weights just 22g 
  • Rydon Shooting pack comes with 5 sets of lenses 
  • Photochromic Lenses for the Tactical RYDON for all types of conditions 
  • Super thin and adjustable temple arms for comfort when wearing hard hats, tactical helmets or ear muffs 
  • Adjustable nose and temple ends that you can adjust yourself  - create the perfect fit 
  • Need prescription? A lot of our models are very scriptable especially the Rydon
  • Sports Readers are an option to help you see training devices. 
  • Interchangeable Lenses - make sure they have the ability to change lenses
  • Replacement Lens Guarantee - your scratch them we replace them for a small S/H fee
  • High standard of manufacturing  - made in Italy