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Polarized sunglasses: Best For Reducing Glare

Polarized glasses have always been extremely popular amongst consumers who spend a lot of time near water; but also many sports athletes see the benefits of Polarized Sunglasses in Cycling, Triathlon, Rowing and many other sports and for good reason — polarized lenses are blocking the glare from light reflecting off or bouncing off the  surface of the water or road better than an other type of sunglass lenses in the world. 

But sunglasses aren't just for people who love fishing or sailing/ yachting or visiting the beach. Anyone who is effected by high glare during outdoors activities can benefit from these advanced sunglass lenses.

Polarized sunglasses can be very helpful for driving as well. This is because they reduce glare-causing reflections from flat surfaces such as the bonnets of the car and the reflection of glare from the dash board or even car windows.

There are some consumers that have extremely sensitive eyes to light and some of these people have had cataract surgery and these people can benefit from the anti-glare properties of the polarized lens

How do polarised lenses work?

Polarized lenses work when Sunlight scatters in all directions. But as it strikes the flat surfaces, the light that is reflected by the surfaces tends to become polarized — meaning the high reflected light beams travel in a more uniform (usually horizontal) direction. This creates a very annoying and in some cases a dangerous intensity of light that can causes glare and reduces visibility particularly when driving or riding directly into the path of light

Polarized lenses have a special internal filters that blocks this type of intense reflected light, heavily reducing glare and discomfort caused by the light

Though polarized sunglass lenses improve comfort and visibility, you may encounter some instances when these lenses aren't advisable. One example is downhill skiing, where you actually want to see the bright patches of reflected light because they alert you to icy conditions.

Also, polarized lenses reduce the visibility of images produced by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) found on some digital screens, such as cash machines (ATMs) and petrol station pumps. With polarized lenses, you also may find it more difficult to see the screen on your phone and in this case you have to either remove your sunglasses or slightly turn the phone in one direction to see the screen

Despite these exceptions, polarized sunglasses offer great advantages when it comes to decreasing eye strain and discomfort in bright sunlight.