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The best golf sunglasses available in Australia

An important part of developing the perfect game is to have the right tools and accessories for the job. Your eyewear is an important part of your game as your vision is crucial for both your long and short game.

Rudy Project has a range of innovative options – including Purple lens sunglasses – that will deliver real benefits on the fairway and on the green. They can even adapt to your situation via Photochromic ability.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from choosing some of the designs available in our range. Best of all, our collection is available across Australia and have been designed for all climates and conditions.

Golf sunglasses that adjust to the environment

Normal designs are not suited to this sport, mostly because of the varying degrees of light experienced on the links. Not only does the sun change position as the hours go by, but there are different light levels near water hazards, depending on how close you are to the treeline and other factors.

That is why Rudy Project has developed Photochromic Laser Purple lenses that will almost instantly adapt to these changing light conditions, going from light purple to dark purple as they are activated by the UV light as well as light.

Ventilation for comfort and performance

When you are playing golf for long periods of time, you want your attire to be comfortable and cool to reduce fatigue and overheating.

Many of the Rudy Project options include PowerFlow technology, specifically designed ventilation systems that promote airflow for greater aerodynamics, comfort and to help eliminate lens fogging.

Build your prescriptions into our frames

The problem with prescription sunglasses is that they are designed differently to normal options and are not suited to high performance in sport.

With Rudy Project, you can have interchangeable, highly durable prescription lenses included that will slot straight into our range of options.

That means you can enjoy all of the benefits of purpose-designed golfing sunglasses with the correction required for perfect vision at the same time.

Multiple options to suit your needs

Not every golfer is the same. We each have our own vision requirements, facial structures and personal preferences.

You will find different colour varieties within our collection, including purple lens sunglasses and frames that are interchangeable. Enjoy the ability to completely customise your own personalised option.

There are also specifically designed options for people with smaller faces so you can be assured of the perfect fit when you next tee off.