Rudy Project Cycling Sunglasses Mens Womens with Photochromic Lenses

Cycling Sunglasses

Rudy Project Australia and CYCLING SUNGLASSES are part of our DNA. We have been attached and supported cycling at all levels from grass roots to professionals cyclis for the past 35 years. 

Cycling in some cases involves extended periods of time out in the elements and sun. Protection from extreme UV light sunlight and comfort provided by Cycling Sunglasses is the  main reason cyclists choose to wear sunglasses whilst bicycling. But many cyclists often underestimate the true value that cycling sunglasses offer which includes eye safety whilst on the bike. Cycling Sunglasses do protect the cyclist eyes from foreign objects such as rocks, bugs and UV light which is really risky over the course of a few hours in the seat both road riding and MTB riding. The really comes into the pictures when your travelling at high speeds and really the last thing you need is a rock or bug in your eye when you have your own safety on the bike to concentrate on. Even when riding in low light conditions such as training early in the mornings some cyclists consider wearing  transparent cycling glasses to protect their eyes from debris. 

With regards to sun protection, the huge benefits are more universally understood. Sun exposure over long periods is uncomfortable and its also damaging to the eyes. UV protection is one of the main benefit of wearing cycling sunglasses as it will both help prevent eye-fatigue due to the different lens tints your can purchases and maybe some serious eye damage in the longer term. You should remember that UV radiation increases around 17% for every 1000m gained in altitude, so cycling in mountains or areas high above sea level require even more precaution.


Rudy Project Australia has a large range of Cycling Sunglasses, Photochromic Cycling Glasses, Polarized Cycling Sunglasses and regular Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

What makes the perfect cycling sunglasses is the ability to adjust the frames and Rudy Project cycling sunglasses have a lot of features built into their model - Such as adjustable nose and temple ends that can easily be adjusted by the user to create the perfect fit. CYCLING SUNGLASSES PHOTOCHROMIC is another major feature of our sunglasss which provides the lenses to change colour from complete clear to a dark tint when activated by UV Light. When buying cycling sunglasses it's important tho think about lenses that change colour as it's our number 1 request when athletes call us "Do you have sunglasses that change colour" Rudy Project's Photochromic Cycling Sunglass is one sunglass lens for all conditions and therefore no need to carry spare lenses when your cycling. For Australia's harsh climate we also provide CYCLING SUNGLASSES POLARIZED which are anti-glare glasses that take the reflection away from the services. This also makes the eyes relax a lot more. If your after CYCLING SUNGLASSES WITH PRESCRIPTION we have a number of different options including SPORTS READERS or our top of the range DIRECT INFRAME service from Italy. Our range of CYCLING SUNGLASSES AUSTRALIA is the best in the country! 

Every Rudy Project Cycling sunglasses is UV400 protection as well which protects against harmful UV lights

What Are Good Cycling Sunglasses - 

  • Check the weight of the sunglass. Our RYDON Sunglass weights just 22grams 
  • Photochromic Cycling Lenses for all types of conditions. These are lenses which change colour and also known as Transition lenses.
  • Adjustable nose and temple ends that you can adjust yourself  - create the perfect fit 
  • Need prescription? A lot of our models are very scriptable especially the Rydon
  • Sports Readers are an option to help you see training device and these are an entry level added powers
  • Interchangeable Lenses - make sure they have the ability to change lenses
  • Replacement Lens Guarantee - your scratch them we replace them for a small shipping and handling fee
  • High standard of manufacturing  - made in Italy

     Testimonial - Great Service , Great Cycling Sunglass

     Have had a pair of Rydon cycling glasses for a long time now. Have recently converted to Tralyx XL Impact 2 with Photochromatic Lenses. Absolutely would reccomend these glasses for cyclists they feel like they are not even there. Wind protection for eyes is fantastic and the lenes are super great in the early morning and also in sunny conditions. Greg was very helpful with explaining the benefits -really knows his product and hepls he is a cyclist. Dave Beresford (Perth , WA) , Jun 22, 2019

    Testimonial - Rydon - The only Cycling Sunnies you'll ever need

     I have been using Rydon sunnies since 2005 when I bought polarised photochromic lenses for sailing. The best sailing lenses I have used. Then I got some photochromic lenses for cycling early morning and dull days which were outstanding. Then I started getting some various coloured multilaser lenses for social events and also for cycling to match some of my cycle kits for fun. Last year I climbed the Matterhorn and the Hi Altitude lenses were remarkable. Finally now I am becoming long sighted the Sports Reader lenses are really useful for seeing the iPhone and reading the menu when I am cycling. The Rydon one frame and so many options. The only sunnies you will ever need!
    Martin Cross (Newport Australia) , Jun 18, 2019