Rudy Project Warranty

WARNING: Rudy Project will NOT warrant, inspect or accept any Rudy Project sunglasses purchase from:
  • Bike Bug
  • Vision Direct or
  • Wiggle / UK Web sites
  • Shades Station Australia and Shades Station UK

Rudy Project sunglasses, lenses and ski goggles are warranted by Rudy Project Australia/New Zealand for TWO years from date of purchase against defects in materials and/or workmanship. Rudy Project Australia will replace or repair at our option, with proof of purchase, any Rudy Project sunglasses found to be defective during the warranty period. For this warranty to apply purchases must have been made in Australia or New Zealand from an authorized Rudy Project dealer or and proof of purchase is required. Purchases made online through unauthorized dealers and/or auctions (ie. eBay) or Bike Bug, Cycling Express, Vision Direct, Shades Station Australia or the UK are not covered under our International warranty. Only authentic Rudy Project products will be warranted. This warranty shall not apply to any defects or damage caused by improper or unreasonable use of the product. Warranties are do NOT covered scratched lenses.

If you have received a Rudy Project package and the bar codes have been taken off the front of the box then Rudy Project International will NOT warrant this product at all. 

FAQ that will not be warranted:

  • Impactx lenses are NOT scratch proof and Rudy Project will not warrant any lenses with scratches. Rudy Project offer the RLG programme HERE. 
  • Silicon nose pads over time will wear out and will NOT be replaced under warranty. Order replacement nose pads from HERE.
  • I was “just putting my frames on my head and my frame broke” will not be warranted as Rudy Project frames do not break. 99.9% of the time the frame is mistreated, stepped on, run over, or in a crash.
  • Suntan cream, oils, sweat, salts can affect any sunglass brand in the world. If your lens has been affected by these, Rudy Project will NOT treat this as a warranty. You can opt for the replacement lens programme here 
    This is normal wear and tear and you can order replacement nose pads HERE.
  • Corrosion to aluminum temple arms and logos is not a warranty. This is caused by heavy sweating or use in open seawater and NOT cleaned with plain fresh water after use.

If you have a warranty, here’s what to do:  

Provide your contact info and a description of what happened to your Rudy Project frame, Lens or Goggle. Then send this along with your product to the address below for warranty inspection. All returns that do not have all the necessary information on this form completed will be delayed up to two weeks and may be returned back to you without notice.

Workout Spaces / Rudy Project Warranties
A1 / 35-39 Bourke Road
Alexandria NSW 2015

The return of the product via post or courier is paid by the consumer/user.

Rudy Project Australia / New Zealand will not be liable for packages going missing. Ensure you track your parcel.

If your frame or lens IS found to be defective it will be replaced with the same one or to a similar frame or upgraded.

If your frame is NOT defective, we’ll call you with the options available to you at that time. Please make sure your phone number above is an accurate DAY TIME number that can be used to reach you during normal business hours or this will result in an extended delay in processing your return. In most cases we can replace parts or change over to a replacement model at a discounted cost depending on the model you have.

Rudy Project styles and models constantly change over the years. We generally keep parts for over a year from the models discontinued date but after that we cannot help in replacement spare parts or lenses but will do everything to help you keep in Rudys.

*Please allow 10-14 working days for the processing and delivery of your warranty claim. Incomplete forms will result in delayed processing.

If you have any questions relating to warranties please contact us at