Replacement Lens Guarantee

The Rudy Project Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG) covers all lens damage (e.g., scratching) from use or activity on all RP Optic, Polar 3FX or ImpactX Lenses made by Rudy Project.

The RLG only covers products that are in the current year's Product Catalog (click here to download).

Prescription or RX lenses are not covered by the RLG programme

Through Rudy Project Australia’s Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG), consumers can opt to replace scratched lenses for a nominal processing fee directly through Rudy Project Australia and NOT through one of our retailers.

Here's what to do to action the RLG programme:

  1. Identify your sunglass model to ensure its STILL in the current 2019-20 Catalogue. If it's not in the current catalogue there is a good chance we will not have any stock including Rudy Project Italy. Contact Rudy Project Australia directly if your sunglasses are not in the catalogue and we will check stock within our warehouse. Contact us

    If you cannot work out what your model is then take a picture and email it to and in the subject field put "trying to work out what model Rudy Project I have for RLG".

    NOTE - Casual Sunglasses do not have interchangeable lenses and the RLG does not apply to this programme. Models such as Spinhawk, Warp etc.

  2. See below cost for replacing the lenses which covers our handling and insurance fee. In other words we DO NOT make money on this RLG programme. 
    • $34.95 for Standard Rudy Project optics, considered to be Smoke, Yellow, transparent, multi laser finishes lenses etc
    • $59.95 for all Impactx lenses and Polarzied 3FX Lenses

  3. Package up and return your lenses only to:

    Rudy Project RLG
    Unit GP1A / 52 Pyrmont Bridge Road
    Camperdown, NSW 2050
    Ph- 0448631892

    NOTE: Rudy Project Australia take NO responsibility on lost returned lenses and it is up to the consumer to opt if they want track and trace or regular post.

  4. Accepted payment methods:
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Amex

  5. Please allow 10-14 working days to process your RLG programme. In most cases you will get your new lenses back within 5-7 working days.
  6. You will also need to fill out the RLG sheet and return this along with your lenses. Please ensure you fill out all details:

    Click here to fill out RLG sheet online, print out and returned this form with your sunglasses, goggles or lens in question.

What you need to know about the RLG programme:

The 2nd biggest complaint in the world with sunglasses is “I scratched my lenses” (the first is “I lost my sunglasses”) We cannot help you if you loose your Rudys BUT we can help you with scratched lenses. Rudy Project started the RLG programme in 2002 and has replaced scratched lenses by the 1,000’s thus keeping our customers happy and able to see perfectly even in sunglasses, which could be 7 years old. Rudy Project is the only company in the world that offers this service.

You can action the RLG as many times as you like as long as the sunglass is in the current years catalogue. Some consumes are fanatics when it comes to scratched lenses and in some cases we have happily replaced lenses 5 times during the year to the same customer.

Rudy Project Australia does not make money out of the RLG service. The fee is a handling, shipping and insurance fee only and can be up to 70% off the price if you where to replace the lenses at retail prices (Polar 3FX lenses are $159.00 rrp whereas the RLG fee to replace it is $59.95)

The RLG programme is only available through the head office in Sydney and cannot be taken to a retail store that stocks Rudy Project. This is a non-profit service and retailers in bricks and motor stores are not part of the RLG programme but of course if you purchase from one of our retailers then this service is open to you

Rudy Project Australia will NOT replace any lenses under the RLG programme if purchased from Bike Bug, Cycling Express, Vision Direct or any UK web site. This is a directive from Rudy Project International. The reality is that anyone can purchase a sunglass and of any brand and scratch the lenses within one day and is NOT covered as a warranty. If you think your saving money by purchasing from one of the above retailers then the minimum cost saving do not add up if you scratch the lens or there is a warranty issue.

No sports eyewear company in the world produce “scratch proof” lenses. The only way to get scratch proof lenses is by using quartz but the lens would have to be extremely think (up to 9mm) to gain strength and then the first thing you’ll notice is the extremely heavy weight of the lens/frame combination which would be incredibly heavy and put a lot of pressure onto the nose bridge. It simply is impossible to get sports lenses that are scratch proof.

Impactx lenses are NOT scratch proof and we have never advertised that they are. They do have a higher scratchproof strength then standard polycarbonate lenses by 19%. Impactx lenses are guaranteed never to break. If you break them we replace them for free as long as that model is in the current catalogue.

If you have any questions relating to the RLG programme you can Contact us.

RLG programme is not covered by frames/lenses purchased from:
  • Bike Bug
  • Cycling Express
  • Vision Direct or Smartbuy Sunglasses
  • Wiggle / UK Web sites