Photochromic Sunglasses

Often referred to as ‘transition’ lenses, photochromic lenses change tint (colour) dependant on the ambient light. These lenses provide unique climatic management technology: tinting darker / lighter from low to high light transmission within few seconds. When there are low light conditions the lens will remain lightly tinted and when there is bright light they will darken. This ‘transition’ process maximises clarity and enhances contrast to improve visual acuity and depth perception while providing unparalleled eye protection. Photochromic lenses are perfect for sports where you may crossover light conditions during practice ie: early morning starts pre-dawn in cycling, running, rowing, and likewise during pre-dusk training or participation.

The RUDY PROJECT ADVANTAGE : Unlike most photochromic standard lenses, Rudy Project’s ImpactX® lenses are fused in the mass of the polymer itself made possible via a complex manufacturing process. This process makes our photochromic lenses more resistant to degradation clearly optically superior to most competitors. Rudy Project offer an unparalleled combination of speed of transition, photochromic range and reduced temperature sensibility.


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