What are Rudy Project Polarized Lenses

What are Rudy Project Polarized Lenses

What are Polarized Lenses?

When Rudy Project manufacture Polarized lenses, during the  process a special chemical is added to a sunglass lens to Polarize them. The chemical is then laminated in a vertical pattern which it then reorganizes the light passing the lens. This lens pattern then blocks the light that is horizontal to stop glare, which is similar to how a window blind works in your house or office.

Glare typically happens when waves of light bounce off reflective surfaces, such as a lake, snowy hillside,  or a road. Because the surface is horizontal, the light is reflected horizontally. When you are wearing polarized sunglasses, the surface blocks the glare by filtering out the horizontal light waves that don’t fit through the chemical laminate pattern.

When wearing polarized lenses images may also appear darker. However, when the glare is stoped, the image details are a lot easier to see and also this can reduce eye straining. Plus, polarized lenses also provide protection from harmful UV rays and are UV400 



Polarized Lens are Different 

There are cheap Polarized lenses which differ from more expensive lenses in a lot of significant ways. Cheaper polarized glasses may only have a one thin laminated filter on one side of the lens. This thin layer may only provide a small amount of benefit and the thinner layer can also be rubbed and they scratch easily. You may also notice aberrations crazing in the lenses and these are usually produced in mass production that have a lower quality.

Higher quality Polarized lens glasses have film laminated between two layers of lens material, like a sandwich. This  way of encasing the polarized laminate filter helps protects it from being scratched and provides additional benefits. The thicker the polarizing film, the more protective the lens is against glare.


Can Polarized Lenses Work for You

No doubt Polarized lenses reduce glare and also reduce eye strain from long hours in the sun. And if you experience headaches, eye fatigue then Polarized lenses may reduce some of these problems.

Polarized lenses are also known to increase contrast which in many cases can also make your sport more enjoyable. If you can see better you can play, race and train better.

Can I Get Polarized in Prescription?

No when it comes to Polarized lenses and prescription lenses, the lens material and filters all are the same as purchasing regular Polarized lenses. Except the limitation could be only the power of your prescription that can determine what frame you can use. In cases with prescription you are advised to speak to your our local optical dealers that will be able to help and advise. 


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