Rudy Project Rydon Slim Sunglasses

The Rudy Project RYDON SLIM Sports Sunglass is the smaller version of the popular Rydon that is a classic in our range. The RYDON SLIM features the same temple arms and nose pad as the as the bigger Rydon BUT the front frame is 4.8mm narrower which means it's perfectly designed for athletes with smaller faces. Most women have NARROW FACES and struggle for narrow fitting sports sunglasses - Look no further the RYDON SLIM is your answer. RYDON SLIM incorporates all the benefits of the bigger Rydon and includes our adjustable nose and temple ends plus the Interchange lenses.  There is also a big range of replacement Rydon Slim lens options which include our Impactx Photochromic Lenses that change colour from clear to a dark tint and to polarized lenses for Anti-Glare. As always with the Rydon models, its very capable when it comes to Sports Prescription. These include the Rydon RX Clip, the Docking system and the Direct In-Frame lenses. If light weight is your requirement then the Rydon weighs in at 22g only. Although the RYDON SLIM is new, it will be selling for another 100 years and this means ongoing support with with Rydon Slim Lenses, Rydon Nose Pads and Rydon Temple Ends. The Rydon Is a classic. The Rydon Slim will be a classic. This Rudy Project model suits many athletes and individuals from Cyclist, Triathletes, Shooters, Runners, Cricket, MTB and Water Sport with narrow faces or small faces.
Rudy Project RYDON SLIM is still Made in ITALY