Rudy Project Rydon Sports Sunglass

Rydon Sunglass Size


The Rudy Project RYDON sports sunglasses is our best selling model with many features such as interchangeable lenses, adjustable temple ends, and a vast array of Rydon Sunglass Lenses including our world class Impactx Photochromic lenses which are lenses which change colour from clear to dark and perfectly suited for a lot of sports which require training in all types of light conditions. The RYDON also has a POLARIZED lens options which include's our HDR filter to improve clarity and contrast. Rydon Polarized lenses have great ability to stop glare from road surfaces including driving. RYDON PRESCRIPTIONis never far away we can provide the sports athletes with Prescription RX clips, Direct RX Prescription clips, docking system for very high powered scripts and Direct In-frame Prescription being out top of the line RX lens made in Italy. If light weight is your requirement then the Rydon weighs in at 22grams only. One of the major benefits of the RYDON is the stability of the model which will be selling for another 100 years it sells that well and this means ongoing support with with Rydon Lenses, Rydon Nose Pads and Rydon Temple Ends.The Rydon is a classic Rudy Project model that suits many athletes and individuals from cycling, Triathlons, Target Shooting, Runners, Cricket, MTB and Water Sports.Rudy Project RYDON is still Made in ITALY along with every Rudy Project Sunglass which means high quality and better manufacturing. You can find a pair of Rydon's to suit your face size and sport requirement remembering that every Rydon has complete UV protection against harmful Ultra Violet Light.