Whether out on the Road Cycling, Mountain Biking or Indoor Turbo Sessions?
Do you know when your 43 years old that you have a 90% chance of needing prescription glasses to see better, clearer

Rudy Project RYDON Cycling Sports Prescription Glasses is the solution to get more enjoyment of out cycling. You'll be able to see your training devices and your eyes will be protected and relaxed.

Available in Photochromic - Lenses that change colour

See the Rydon Cycling Prescription Review Video


Stability in the Rydon. It's been selling for 17 years and it will continue to sell with sports prescription for another 100 years its that good. This means replacement frames, spare parts and updating your script is no issue The world's best Photochromic Lenses. 2 way activation (regular transition lenses are only UV direct light).  Photochromic pigments are embedded into the lens. Transition lenses are a coating on the outside, your scratch the coating you destroy the transition. Rydon Photochromic no chance of this!

Impactx is Guaranteed unbreakable for life

Biggest range of photochromic range from clear to dark tints. One lens for all light conditions

Neutral grey tints for road cycling

Contrasting red's and brown lenses for mountain biking

Adjustable nose pads

Adjustable temple ends

All Made in Italy


Rydon - The only Cycling Sunnies you'll ever need

I have been using Rydon sunnies since 2005 when I bought polarised photochromic lenses for sailing. The best sailing lenses I have used. Then I got some photochromic lenses for cycling early morning and dull days which were outstanding. Then I started getting some various coloured multilaser lenses for social events and also for cycling to match some of my cycle kits for fun. Last year I climbed the Matterhorn and the Hi Altitude lenses were remarkable. Finally now I am becoming long sighted the Sports Reader lenses are really useful for seeing the iPhone and reading the menu when I am cycling. The Rydon one frame and so many options. The only sunnies you will ever need!
Martin Cross (Newport Australia) , Jun 18, 2019


Rydon Single Vision Smoke Grey lens NO Diamond Coating


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