Rydon Docking System

Rudy Project’s innovation and ingenuity are at its best in the Direct Docking System created specifically for our most popular model – RYDON.

Lens manufacturing processes have been manipulated to create a flatter-lens surface reducing curvature and loss of periphery sight. The Direct Docking System for Rydon delivers a cost effective and stylish alternative for wearers who require a semi-permanent option with a reasonable price tag. 

The Direct Docking System comprises two individual clip-in lenses which replace the existing lens in your Rydon frame. 

The ‘tunnel vision’ parameter is opened up when combining your script with your preferred lens tint. The smart-mounting system makes the lens easy to remove from the frame allowing you to interchange your script lens with contacts, and the order process is simple and easy.


  • No double lens just one easy-in easy-out inter-change lens 
  • Lighter weight than standard RX clip & sunglass combination option 
  • Sleek option for those not wanting to make a total investment in RXDirect 
  • Versatility with interchange of clear and tinted sun lens options 
  • Great for contact lens wearers 
  • Flat lens allows


Simply select your Rudy Project Rydon model style with the preferred lens tint. Add the RX Direct Clip to the shopping cart and check out. Available for purchase individually or as a combination frame and lens kit.

Once you receive your order, take the elements (frame and clip) to your preferred optometrist or visit one of our recommended specialist Rudy Project Optometrists. 

The optometrist will then ensure your script is up to date and proceed with the fitting and cutting of your scripted lens to be placed into the clip.


Prescription Direct Docking System can take up to -11 combined power in both  - and  + scripts and can be fitted for single vision or progressive/multi focal scripts. A comprehensive range of material and lens coating options are available to meet your personal or budget needs. 


Example for RX Direct Clip + Rydon + scripted lens

  • Rydon frame = $189.00 for smoke lens with black frame.
  • RX Direct clip = $120.00
  • You then need to add your prescription lenses to the RX Direct Clip and the approx cost are -

Single Vision

  • With a basic Smoke Lens with Multi Coat $320.00
  • With Transition Lens with Multi Coat $450.00

Progression/Multi Focal Vision 

  • Basic Smoke Grey Lens with Multi Coat $650.00
  • Transition Lens with Multi Coat $800.00

Price variables:

Lens material. A powerful prescription may require a hi-index more expensive 'thinner' lens. Some scripted lens material delivers enhanced optical clarity over industry-standard entry-level priced 'polycarbonate' lenses. Lens Tint prices vary from entry level smoke/neutral through to top-end polarised or transition lenses.